We are excited to announce the launch of Chart Arcade, our stock trading game that challenges you to test your stock trading skills through the experience of buying and selling of historical stock charts. To access and play the game, please visit www.chartarcade.com.


Comprised of thousands of real stock charts dating back to the early 1900s, you can practice buying and short selling individual stocks based on price, volume and moving average lines. 




Starting with $10,000 in your account you have the option to Buy, Hold, Sell or Sell Short while advancing through time.




You will be competing for a spot on the coveted Leader Board so trade wisely. We also encourage you to share this game with your friends and spur on the competition.  




Most importantly we hope that Chart Arcade helps you gain a deeper understanding of how supply and demand drives the price of a stock and how charts can be used to improve your timing.



Best Returns,


The MarketSmith Team