LULU our number 1 leader of any size, broke off the up trend with a little gap lower on Friday July 9.  Today LULU bounced off of it's lows in very low volume.  Fridays breakoff came on volume greater than any day in the previous 10 days. This would be the reverse of Dr. Kacher's Pocket pivot volume.  In a late stage run, this sort of action is plenty to move me out of the long side.  Being correct on the C call seems to confirm my downside bias.

Two gaps lower in MA, seem to indicate a consolidation perhaps to the 20 day or 50 day.  MA's follow on accumulation came very late - 5 days after the breakout and very extended.  Usually winning follow on accumulation will show up by day 3 or maybe day 4 after the breakout.  See SINA on 1/6 and 3/30 or LULU 6/23 and 6/30.