Hey All,

This is the weekly chart of TZOO and I am curious how everyone feels about this latest base.  I see it as a third stage, V-shaped, Double Bottom base with several warning signs.  The peak week (4/29/11) is an ugly bearish reversal, selling is extremely heavy on the left side of the cup w/ most weeks closing at the bottom of their range, volume is falling as the right side of the base develops, and the base corrects 50.4%.  The trade also appears wider and looser than in the stock's prior consolidations (this base lacks any sequential tight trading weeks whereas the previous bases had some).  WON says that sometimes leading volatile stocks may correct 50% during a bull market, but that charts correcting more than this tend to fail 5-15% beyond their breakout prices (HTMMIS, 4th ed. p. 113).  I am not considering TZOO as a purchase but am very interested in any and all opinions you guys might have?  Thanks.  Brad