Reaching the "Legend" ranking at has been a lot of fun.  Here are the rules I used to get there. It turns out these worked well on almost every chart.

1)Learn William O'Neil's market distinctions of accumulation, distribution, bases, pivot points, cup with handle, double bottom, flat base, tight trade, high tight flag, relative strength and 20% run in 3 weeks. His book is here  $8.95???

2)Demand to see a prior, high volume thrust upward in your stock's behavior.

3)Look for the thrust to tighten up within 20% of the high of that thrust.  The closer to the high the better.

4)Buy when the stock exhibits Dr. Kacher's "Pocket Pivot" - an up day in greater volume than any down day in the previous 10 days. His book written with Gil Morales is available here.

5)Hold for 3 more days or a maximum 5% loss.

6)Expect follow on accumulation within 3 - 4 days.

7)If 4 days occur without follow on accumulation, sell.

8)If 3 days occur without accumulation and a distribution day, sell.

9)If 3 days occur without accumulation and the market is heading lower, sell.

10)If you get your follow on accumulation in 3-4 days, repeat rules 5-10 again and again.

One possible modification.  If your stock pops back up toward the to highs of the thrust after 1-2 down days, this is an attribute of strength that may allow you to hold for 5-6 days without accumulation in an uptrending market.  

Apply these 10 rules at and you will start to see the gains rack up.  Have fun and have at it!

Valuable Observations - The best gains seem to occur when the pocket pivot comes within the tight trade of a consolidation that exhibits a "Retracement Gap". This is where the price lows of the consolidation do not overlap the highs of the most recent, previous consolidation.  Be sure to check the weekly chart and note on the index line how many months you are from the last bear market or 5 month consolidation in the index.