We are very proud to announce the launch of our new Pattern Recognition feature. Pattern recognition makes it easier for investors to identify and act on key technical movements in stock charts — leading to more profitable investment decisions. The feature automatically highlights past and emerging stock chart patterns, such as Cup with Handle and Ascending Base, which can help investors pinpoint optimal points to buy and sell stocks. 


Take a look at IACI.    Having the pattern recognition software on while running a MarketSmith screen allows you to quickly identify stocks that are setting up base patterns as you move through the screen results.    


Save time with Pattern Recognition software by getting important information on the following base attributes when you place your mouse on a marked base:


  • The Stage Count of the base
  • The Pivot Point
  • The Length of the base
  • The Depth of the base


Use the shaded areas to the right of the base to always know where you are during a stock’s run and determine if the stock at the following critical areas:

  • 0-5% from its pivot point (blue area)
  • 5-8% below the pivot point (pink area)
  • Reaching the profit area of 20-25% (green area).   


Now all you have to do is evaluate the pattern being picked up.  What does everyone think of the above pattern the software is picking up?


Best Returns,

The MarketSmith Team