This one is very compelling.  This is how I assess it.

1. Prior uptrend in the past 6 months? - Yes, up 60%. 

2. Any 20% moves in less than three weeks? - Yes, 11/15 - 11/30 was 34% in two weeks.

3. Is the base depth less than 25%? - Yes, only 11% deep and 6 weeks long.  That is great for a flat base.

4. Is the handle less than 12% deep? - Yes, the two week handle is less than 5% deep. 

5. Are there strong earnings and sales growth? - Yes, EPS and Sales growth have been very strong.

6. Are there at least 3 or 4 days volume dry up in the base and handle? - Yes, volume dried up on 1/31; 2/7; 2/17; 3/7

7. How big is the volume on the breakout? The 3/13/12 breakout is on the HEAVIEST volume in over a year.  Maybe I'll make an exception and margin a little to get some of this stock.

8. Are the 3 heaviest volume days in the base averaging higher? - Yes, support on 2/10; 2/28; 3/13 each higher than the previous.

9. What is the ROE? 38%

10. What's the caveat and the override of the caveat? - The RS line is lagging a bit which put me in to other stocks and the forward numbers look a little light.  The HEAVIEST volume breakout and high ROE in combination with the other strong behavior override the two factors of weakness.

11. Is the market in an uptrend? - Yes.

All systems check.  Houston...?