So the 3/22 heavy volume may succeed or it may fail.  Lets do a checklist.

1.  It's more than  5% above the pivot and more than five percent above the 50 day so I don't know if this is a HTMMIS buy.  It would qualify as a "Late riskier buy" as described on page B7 of today's IBD

2. Heavy enough volume on March 22 to qualify as a pocket pivot

3. Only 1 leg up so far after the breakout

4. EPS and sales growth are healthy

5. Heavy volume is averaging up, each higher in price

6. AT Margin not exceptional

7. Beat last Qs estimates

8. Recent IPO

9. Since I would expect follow on accumulation in the next 3 days as it makes it's second leg, then I am comfortable buying this here.  If the accumulation doesn't show up, then something is amiss and hopefully I could close is at a 1% gain or loss in the next 3 days.

10. The higher volume at a higher price should be enough to carry the 2nd leg up another 10-15% in the next week or two.

11. The caveat is back at point 1.

No one can tell you whether or not to buy it or sell it.  You may have to meet payroll today, or pay for your daughter's braces tomorrow, or you may run a mutual fund that can only trade stocks with a million shares daily average. Your trade is your own.