So the weekly chart doesn't reveal that today had pocket pivot volume as MA made it highest close.  However the weekly chart is very good at highlighting the three weeks tight.  Pattern recognition is such a great service. If you are just learning CAN SLIM, you don't know how lucky you are to have Market Smith.  A lot of us did our learning on the old Daily Graphs system with only 5 years of chart history, and no index line and no pattern recognition.

The real point here is the chart and will MA outperform V in the days and weeks ahead?  Here are the measurements I am considering. 

1. MA ran up 29% since January and V only ran up 20% - So MA seems like it may be faster

2. V has been showing very smooth and steady accleration vs MA's run seems a little clunky. I've see the smooth accelerations go on to get verticle more often than the clunky runs so that is in V's favor.

3. MA ROE of 43% trounces the 14% at V

4. Volume today out of the 3 weeks tight is a higher percentage above average of 23% at MA vs 9% at V.  You might say this volume is too small, but you have to remember that the big funds are doing everything they can to not be obvious.  I find that the Pocket Pivot volume being greater than any down day in the previous 10 is adequate for entry into a great stock. Thank you Dr. K.

Fundamentals and volume point to MA however the smooth acceleration of V is so compelling I think my weighting of the rise off of 3 weeks tight is 60% MA & 40% V.  It will be an interesting lesson that the market provides in the next few weeks.