1. Pattern rec says that this is coming out of a 1st stage(b) base. 

2. Negatives are pretty obvious. Earnings deceleration in the past two quarters but growth is still healthy. 

3. Volume was great launching of the 50 day on 3/23. 

4. ROE is a terrific 52%

5. Follow on accumulation showed up immediately on 3/26 closing at the highs. So perhaps we give it two legs up meaning I might give a little flexibility in my 4 days without accumulation sell rule. Some may be having a conniption that I keep reading the daily chart.  They are free to post weekly charts as they wish.

6. Four days occur without accumulation 3/27-3/31.  Still it's so high and tight that waiting for a second leg up seems reasonable

7. The next new high comes in on 4/2 and 4/3 on only average volume.  Assuming that 4/3 was the ideal sell day, how do we read that?  A second leg, new high, late in a market run, accumulating on only average volume after 4 days without accumulation.??  :-)  That and the QQQ big reach in low volume on 3/26.. Yeah I can spot that and lighten up my holdings into that action.