This is a classic example of why I use a 4 days with no accumulation sell rule.  Main points:

1. Sales and EPS growth and SMR rating are very healthy

2. 1st test of the 50 day line after the first stage cup.

3. The Launch looked good.  And 3/28 might have been follow on accumulation, only it quickly got lower in price than it's heaviest hourly volume bar and couldn't skip back up above it for several days.  Tightening should occur higher in price than your heaviest hourly volume bar.  That tells you that the market accepts the higher price that the big buyer has put up.

4. April 3 is the 4th day without accumulaiton, lower in price than the heaviest volume day of trading.  It's stil above the 10 day and there was no distribution day in the stock so maybe you can hold it for a 5th day, but  additional weakness on top of 4-5 days w/o accumulation will definitely close the position in my book.

5.  April 4 is day five without accumulation and infact is a distribution day.  The market can exact a heavy price from stocks that aren't showing accumulation, higher in price every 3 or 4 days. Today RATE paid the 4.4% price.

6. I am still pretty positive on RATE however I won't risk sitting through a 30% deep base that may or may not climb again.