SSYS looks like the strongest setup technically that I have seen in a while. Several points of assessment included:

1. ROE is a little light at 13%

2. Light ROE might be offset by an accelerating after tax margin

3. Last two quarters show decceleration of earnings

4. Breakout volume was greater than any day in over a year. 

5. Huge breakout volume coupled with a shallow 1st stage consolidation & margin acceleration apparently outweighed any negatives and the stock was up 28% in five sessions.

6. Very heavy follow on accumulation showed up within three days of the breakout.

7. All trade since the breakout on 4/16 has quickly gotten higher in price than the midpoint of the heaviest hourly bars.

8. 4/25 qualifies as pocket pivot volume and all trade since has been higher in price than the close on 4/25.

9. The 4/30 shake comes on very low volume.  This reminds me of SIMO on 10/17/2011 and I read 4/30/12 in SSYS as buyable with a smaller entry based on the overwhelming power of the breakout and the follow on accumulation. 

10. My stop loss is between 4.5% and 5.5% depending on volume and time duration.