This will sober us up.

A quick high powered run up from 45.52. $50 stock trading over 1 million shares. Almost total volume dry up in the 6 week flat base. Beats and raises guidance. AT margin holds above 40%. ROE over 20%.  Revenue up 52%. Huge volume on breakout.  It looked pretty good testing the lows in the 5% window this morning.  I got drawn in just outside the 5% window at 58.75. Make some breakfast and drive to work and boom it's bouncing off of 51. Down 13%.

I am pretty sure Bill says that if I was wrong, I must have made a mistake. I guess the mistake was buying outside the 5% window, undearneath the heaviest set of trade at 59.

Sometimes earnings beat and raise can be a winner outside the 5% window. Such as PCLN on Feb 28.  Not this time.