The components I use to evaluate a CAN SLIM run:

1.Valid base

2. High volume break out

3. Powerful Leg One early as the market starts to turn upward should give me at least a second leg higher

4. Leg Two is separated from Leg One by at least 4 lower closes - hopefully above the 20 day line

5. Does Leg Two start with Pocket Pivot volume?

6. After Leg Two I start expecting a test of the 50 day line so I lighten up when I get three days without accumulation after a 2nd leg up from the base.

7. If after Leg Two I get a high and tight base instead of a test of the 50 day line and we are still in the first few months of a turn higher in the market, I really want to try to hold it for a 3-5 month total run

8. From the base above the 50 day, I expect two more legs higher.

9. Repeat rule 6 and lighten up when three days without accumulation show up in the 2nd leg higher.

10. A third leg higher from the last CAN SLIM base is probably going to cause me to unload quite a bit of my position.