If you nibbled at WWWW early before an FTD, what does the day by day analysis tell you?  Here is what I see.

1. Sales & EPS are stellar.

2. ROE is solid.

3. Volume on the breakout certainly was not spectacular.

4. Today's volume is not even tracking to achieve accumulation.

5. No daylight/retracement gaps - the 5 day handle drops all the way back below $15 overlapping the lows of the 4 week square box. Additionally the 4 week square box drops back into the consolidation that started on 3/27. Space between the consolidations would be much more bullish.

6. Still no FTD showing on the indices at Mid day.

7. Overall, I am not sad that I have not entered WWWW

8. I know IBD says 70% fundamentals and 30% technicals.  However, when we compare WWWW and PCYC, the market seems to be telling us it is the other way around.  Technicals were much better at PCYC.  Lots of lift/daylight/retracement gap in PCYC as it tightened daily ever higher in price. In my experience when looking to capture a 20% move, the technicals outweigh the fundamentals.