Hello to everybody. Can somebody explain me how can i determine is the stock "overowned" or not?  I think it's very important to know.  In the book "How to Make Money in Stocks" said:  

"It’s possible for a stock to have too much institutional sponsorship..."                                                                       "Janus Funds alone owned more than 250 million shares of Nokia and 100 million shares of America Online.."  "In 2008, AIG had more than 3,600 institutional owners when it tanked to 50 cents from the over $100 it had sold for in 2000. The government-sponsored Fannie Mae collapsed to less than a dollar during the same financial fiasco. America Online in the summer of 2001 and Cisco Systems in the summer of 2000 were also overowned by more than a thousand institutions"

ok. but i didn't find the determine criteria of overowned stock. 

lets look at the AAPL. It has 4250 funds (too high for me) and its funds ownership is only 36%. Is this stock overowned or not?  Or look at the UBNT. it has only 148 funds but its funds ownership is 99% (I think it's overowned). And it has dropped more than 60 % since April. 

What is the relationship between the number of funds and funds ownership in % term? What is the percentage that might be considered big?

And another question. Look again at UBNT. It has 91.9 mill shares outstanding and 4.59 mill shares in float. Funds own 99% so 4.59*99%=4.544 mill. It means that stock doesn't overowned by funds. is it right?Management owns 91.9* 65%=59.735 mill.  so we have 4.544+59.735=64.279.

Who owns the another 27.621 (91.9-64.279) mill of stocks? insiders?

And now look at QCOR. It broke out 64.94 buy point in good volume. But It has 63 mill of shares outstanding. 54.8 mill of shares in float. Funds own 92% = 50.416. Mgmt has 12% = 7.56. So there are only 5 mill shares to buy. And it doesn't include insiders. IS this stock overowned or not?     

please, help me understand all this issues. Thanks