Lots of good stuff here in CERN.

1. The recent consolidation is generally higher in price than the heaviest volume of the most recent burst.

2. The April consolidation was higher in price than the heaviest volume day of the February burst.

3. EPS & sales accleration; top ratings.

4. RS line is leading price highs

5. June 7 pocket pivot volume has led to higher prices and higher accumulation on June 12

6. Nasdaq Accumulation is beginning to outweigh distribution on a 5 day weighting

7. There are a bunch of stocks that have shown consolidations above rising 50 day moving averages during the ten week correction.  So funds haven't really been selling shares of stocks like CERN, VRTX, MLNX, CRUS, ALGN, LKQ, MGAM, WWWW, TDG, TCBI, ALGT, MNST, SXCI. Funds certainly could begin selling these off too, but this list is starting to see some tepid accumulation.