So it may seem contrary to CAN SLIM analysis that I sold my CERN this morning since it is making a new high on high volume.  However I use CAN SLIM rules to take my profit here.


1. Heavy volume support at the 50 day on 6/7 quickly got higher in price. I regard this a valid CAN SLIM entry at the 50 day. After 10 weeks of correction in the indices, this was enough to draw me in.

2. Follow on accumulation showed up 6/12 and again on 6/15 with the follow through day. 

3. Today's action is the widest range bar of the burst from the 50 day so I read that as short term climactic action. See sell rule 1 on page 263 of HTMMIS.

4.  Now it has been my experience that the really big movers have had 50% run ups in the prior six months or at least a 20% move in three weeks somewhere in the prior six months.  CERN does not have this, so I am comofortable taking my profits shorter term in CERN and moving to those that have had 20% run ups in less than three weeks during the past six months.