Yes I bought the June 29th pocket pivot launch off the 20 dma due to the very high RS coupled with the pocket pivot volume as the market was having a powerful follow through day. Buy one at 29.20 and buy two at 29.35.  Average cost was 29.22

The break on July 2 as the market rallied, immediately told me something was wrong but my rules say to hold it for three days. One day might be merely a shake out.

July 3 had a rally in excruciatingly low volume. But with pre-holiday trade and the three day hold rule I hung in there.

July 5th was a rally day with accululation showing only because July 3 volume was so miniscule and definitely not enough volume to overwhelm the July 2 selling. With the S&P 500 posting distribution that was all I needed to close the position at 29.23 with a one penny gain.

If I had been slow on this trade, additional distribution showed up in CRUS on 7/6 and that should have been enough to let everyone watching price and volume that 7/6 was not the right time to be long this stock.