I am surprised we haven't seen more posts on NSM.

OK.  Perhaps I am goofing this up, but I just closed my NSM position.  I know I am supposed to hold it for 8 weeks, but the market has dressed down a lot of stocks like QCOR, CRUS, CSTR, SLXP, LNKD and even the home builders like LEN and RYL are joining in the selling. It seems like the market is breaking down some of the current leaders to see where the real strength is, before it resumes an uptrend and NSM could be due for a test of the 20 dma or 50 dma.  I don't want to be around to find out which one.

I am pretty proud of this trade, getting buy 1, 2 and 3 on 6/27 even with IBD calling the Market in Correction that morning.  Launching out of three weeks tight, following a 56% run up in four and 1/2 weeks, I could not pass it up.  It shows you that Market in Correction directly following a 15 week run up like Q1 2012, should be handled very differently than Market re-entering Correction 12 weeks into the correction.

Still even with the NSM win, the wins in CERN, PCYC, EAT & INVN the whole account is up about 5.8% year to date.  Just under the performance of the S&P 500.  Wins have been offset mostly by losses in VRX, and SSYS getting chewed up as it came up through the 50 dma.  While 5.8% doesn't seem very exciting, all it takes is for one winner to get a full concentration, an twelve week run in the market that produces two or three stocks with moves of 20-25% and then we start leading the market performance.

I am currently 15% invested based on the S&P 500 holding onto the 6/29 follow through day.