Ugh.  So I have been entirely unable to get this stock right.  It's a terrific stock.  Basing above the 50 dma which I couldn't resist for an entry with reduced size just above the 20 dma.

I didn't follow my rules to buy only a pocket pivot volume launch from the rising 50 dma, 20 dma or top of a quality CAN SLIM base.  Now the market reminds why I use those rules.

This trade and a few other pull backs bring my account to up 1.6% for the year.  Not much to be proud of when the Nasdaq is up 12.74% and the mutual funds in the 401K are up 20% (using IBD timing)

Still I know I am going to catch two or three of these stocks running up 25% with 25% of my trading account in each of them by the end of the year.  Ideally that will yield 6% each and put me up 19.5% for the year.  Now if only I can stick to my rules and avoid straight up mistakes like this TFM trade. 

Watch out Paul Tudor Jones, 'cause I am only getting better at this.