Well it was a valiant attempt.  The last 7 weeks up haven't been able to recover even the losses of the 5 week fall from the fifty day that began in early May.  That's pretty quick down and slow and weak getting up.

Maybe you were like me and trying a few like WWWW, DHI, NCR, CSTR, TFM during the past few weeks.  It sure hasn't been much fun.  The only stock I feel bummed about missing was MLNX.  If the strength is real, there are usually at least several stocks I wish I could own, but missed.

The initial explosiveness off the lows of new leadership like NSM, WWWW, LEN, RNF, SYNC & FRAN seemed strong enough to at least have the Nasdaq challenge the April highs. Now, Pocket Pivot volume and even follow on accumulation in NCR, SPF, HCA hasn't been enough to lift good stocks in the past 10 sessions.

I don't know if it will be a sharp break or choppy down to the June lows.  It sure seems very unlikely to see a broad launch to Nasdaq 3000 without some capitulation first.