It sure is nice to see some big names like TYC and AMZN showing positive action.  That should generate some enthusiasm amongst the bigger players.

Trying to find CAN SLIM investments for a billion dollar portfolio must always be challenging.  Imagine that 10% of the average daily volume in WalMart is only a $60 million dollar investment. Where was a CAN SLIMer to put the other $940 milion?

$2 million into NSM leaves you with $938 million left to place. Pick up 10% of average daily volume in Home Depot and that's only $55 million.  Now you've got $883 million left to go. If you are Bill O'Neil, you probably took your profit in WMT at 20% up, so add back that $60 million investment to your cash position and now you are back over $900 million left to place.

In a market like this, If you want 7 or 9 names it's going to take you quite a while to get to 100% invested.