This was one of my smaller positions. I really liked the "90 new products" being rolled out in 2013. Lasers seem like an area for many new measurement breakthroughs.  The 50% run in less than three weeks back in July told me that big insitutional support was interested in this stock.  The base was a little funky.

 I picked it up with some size around 63 on the first gap down test of the pivot point within the 5% window. I lightened up quite a bit with a small profit as the relative strength line began to fade and EPS approached.    Still I felt that EPS would pop it up through the 20% target and holding through the first eight weeks was working.

Once it passed eight weeks from the break out, it started puting up a number of stall days.  In week nine right before EPS that stalling weakness should have been enough to send me out of the stock perhaps entirely.  I was impressed with other EPS reports recently so I held a half size position through earnings and closed that with today's gap down at $62.5

The whole operation ended up at about a wash.  I will be much more cautious in week nine with fading RS and stalling in the future.