Why MarketSmiths Love a Correction

The current market environment has many investors uneasy. However, over the years, I’ve learned successful investing means staying in touch with the market, even during corrective phases. Markets can change their character quickly, and money is made by always being ready.

If you’re lightly invested or even sitting in cash right now, MarketSmith’s research and education resources are what you need to fine-tune your investing strategy to be ready for the next opportunity.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can do:

Strengthen your watch list with new timely stock ideas. Check out the new Stock Ideas button located on the top right of every stock chart. This quick and easy shortcut pulls reports and stock screens that help you quickly assess the day’s activity.

Contact a MarketSmith Product Coach at (800) 424-9033. They are the best in the business. Whether you want to build a new stock screen or compare notes on market activity, our team is standing by. They all have extensive backgrounds in investment research and, best of all, they understand your concerns - they’re investors, too.

Access members-only webinars to sharpen your investing skills. Our live, interactive webinars give you exclusive market and financial insight. Join me next Tuesday, April 23 for a special webinar on market corrections. Then on Tuesday, April 30, I’ll be hosting my Master the Market webinar with special guest Chris Gessel, executive editor of Investor’s Business Daily.

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We know making money in the market, and keeping it, is about timing and good stock selection. That doesn’t stop when the market isn’t cooperating. Improve your knowledge, and be ready to profit in the next uptrend.

Best Returns,

W. Scott O'Neil
MarketSmith, Incorporated

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