Pattern detect seems to be a great tool, especially for base counting and base parametric data. I find you need to be a little careful as it sometimes splits up bases when it shouldn't. When it terms a base simply a 'Consolidation', you definitely need to take a closer look.

An example is On Assignment. I'm reading a 3rd stage double bottom without undercut of second V, usually considered a faulty.

Base declined 27% which is normal for a double bottom.

Decent dry up in base with good accumulation on left side, however last leg up of second V is also scant of demand, meaning there's no drive to breakout properly.

On Assignment has outstanding fundamentals, they just opened a new credit facility, but you will notice that technically it is inferior to the best of the stock market especially in its own group. Also, yearly EPS growth is expected to decline in 2013 but increase 23% in 2014.

I'd be looking for a base reset soon and if the triple digit earnings continue, a buy would be in order.

Let's see if I'm right!!!