- Largest search engine in Russia (Baidu, Google of Russia?), revenue is purely ad-based.

- Most popular website in Russia

- Has a market in ex Soviet-bloc

- +62% market share in Russia (http://www.liveinternet.ru/stat/ru/searches.html?slice=ru;period=month), oversaturated yet?

- Biggest IPO since Google at time


Pullback to 10-wk is definitely constructive after breaking out of a sloppy cup base. Action is definitely tighter on the pullback, orderly and volume is dropping off.


52-week high is from recent pull-back and -11% from that high.


My moderately strict checklist shows 92% buy, fails on U/D at 1.1 which is actually not terrible during a correction.


It also scores 92% on my Galgani Getting Started Ch3-inspired screen.


Stable earnings, double digit growth and sales  well above the CAN SLIM baseline throughout the last 8 quarters. Annual EPS estimate growth > 25 % this year and next.


Exploring this further, I see that:


2014 est ann eps: + 28 %

2013 est ann eps: +30 %

2012 annual eps: + 40 %

2011 annual eps: + 50 %


So in fact, annual growth is slowing down which signifies that growth is petering out, for now. 


However, the EPS Growth Rate is 39% and quarterly earning are trending upwards since Mar-12.


Sales growth per Q is decreasing materially as well since Sep-12 (46 % to 29 %), something to look at improving.


Definitely an interesting recent IPO play.