So I made a CAN SLIM, Buy 1 of CELG on the first breakout on Friday Sept 20.  I closed that position on Monday Sept 23, when the stock closed below the pivot point with a 2.43% loss.  For me, I just hate to dive down and test the 7% loss point.

Yesterday, CELG reclaimed the pivot point. So I have to be on top of the leaders action and then I go to page 312 in How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O'Neil and read about his getting shaken out of Pic 'N Save.

"Note also that the account was worn out of Pic ’N’ Save on July 6, 1982, at $15, but we bought it back at $18 and $19, even though this was a higher price, and made a large gain by doing so. This is something you will have to learn to do at some point. If you were wrong in selling, in a number of cases, you’ll need to buy the stock back at higher prices."

Thank you, Bill for sharing all of your techniques.  I would not have learned to do this on my own.