Every Day between 8:30 am and 9 am Pacific Time I engage in a daily routine of "Hit the lists".  I flip through the following lists in about 20 minutes.
A. Top Seven - either ones I own in the 5% window or my favorite selections I have zeroed in on from the night before.
B. IBD - Stocks on the move - This catches the ones that the market likes but didn't get on my list
C. 1 Year IPO - Strong earnings and sales growth companies that have gone public in the last year - sometimes these don't make the stocks on the move list
D. 96 composite - 96 EPS - 21% ROE screen
E. Leaderboard
F. 100 billion Market Cap - 8% sales growth screen. - This is a pretty short list but it gives me a quick picture of what the big growth investors are up to.

When the market is going through a correction, I find it helpful to add a top RS screen.  That hasn't been as productive this year.

I do best when I buy in one of two places: 1.) A stock in the first three weeks from the CAN SLIM base breakout within the 5% buy window or 2.) A pocket pivot at the rising 50 day moving average within the first 13 weeks from the CAN SLIM base breakout.
The more I do post analysis, I find if a stock is on my 96-96-21 screen or recent IPO screen or a market Cap of 100 billion/8% sales growth screen, I must buy if it gives me item 1.) or 2.) and I have cash available.  I look for two legs higher and I am quick to sell some at the second leg new high unless I am getting ongoing accumulation.

Here is what I am seeing this morning.
On the positive side-
LVS is working at this point from the 96-96-21 screen
KORS has a recent support- I see the October consolidation as base
YNDX appears to be liking all the volume it found on Tuesday
XRS is working on a High Tight Flag
GNRC moved very powerfully out of the base
NVGS is pulling back quite reasonably to the top of the short IPO base
OCIP is toying above pivot point of the IPO base
GOOG; QCOM; AMZN are nicely holding their gains from the 100 billion+ market cap list -
On the negative side-
FB is living below the 50 day but I think that is pretty reasonable one time in a second stage base after a 100% move up from 25.
CELG shook hard below the 50 day twice and is now 13 weeks from the base without hitting the 20% sell target. Page 270 HTMMIS "In a few cases...allow 13 weeks"
ALXN hasn't gone much in six weeks since it broke out, but it never hit the CAN SLIM 7% loss. Slow, but it seems likely it will try a push higher in the next two weeks.
VRX can't hold the 50 day line. Makes sense because it is so extended.
Distribution is still heavy on the indices.

All in all top stocks look very healthy at the moment.