Here's a decent workaround for those who aren't of the $AAPL and use Android ($GOOG) and Windows ($MSFT).


First of all my setup:

Alienware M14x laptop, using Windows 8.1

Nexus 10 running Android Kitkat


Follow these steps:


1) From your computer, press Start and search "Allow Remote Access to your Computer"



2) Click the radio button for "Allow remote connections to this computer"



3) I recommend leaving the check-box under checked for added security.


4) Next download Microsoft Remote Desktop Client  from Google Play onto your tablet:


5) Once launched, if both your computer and laptop are on the same wireless network, you should see your laptop as a remote access 

remote desktop app


6) Once you select your laptop for remote access you will be asked for your login credentials, which are the same as for your laptop.


7) You now have access to your laptop. Get familiar with the keyboard options and pointer options (you can use a traditional mouse pointer or switch to Windows 8 gestures, which is neat because now you have a windows 8 tablet within your android!)


8) Run the marketsmith tool  (full screen mode recommended, press F11 in your browser) and you can use the gesture mode to draw on charts or select screens and stocks from watchlists.


There is a noticeable remote access lag, but I'm used to a work environment rich with virtualization so this is just an occupational hazard for me! Besides, you now have full access to ALL features of Marketsmith, which is actually better than the iOS app.



@rocketpower (Twitter, Stocktwits)