Custom Data for your Investing Style: Column Layouts


MarketSmith features 200 data points for over 15,000 stocks and mutual funds. It is impossible to fit all of this data on the weekly chart, so as investors, we need to find ways to get the information we need all in one place to make well-informed decisions. Customizing your data layout is an efficient way to save time in stock research. This is especially important for investors with different styles or strategies that may be different than some of MarketSmith’s default data points. MarketSmith makes it easy to customize your data columns and include the specific information that you need.

When creating your watch list or viewing screen results in MarketSmith, there is a default column layout of information in your list panel. Some of these boxes include Current Price, Price % Change, Volume % Change vs. 50 day avg., and also several Smart Select ratings. But what if there is a certain column of information that you need to see when browsing your created lists? How about changing the order in which these boxes are shown on your screen?

On the bottom right hand corner of your screen in MarketSmith, you will find a wrench icon, that when selected, will give you a drop down menu of selectable items. Going to “Customize Column Layout” will allow you to change the contents of the information boxes shown in your list. Click on a category bar (Earnings, Price and Volume, Sales, etc.) to open up all of the available data columns that you can add to your custom template. Click and drag the corresponding column name into your Column Layout Preview in whichever order you would like. Then name and save your custom layout for quick access with other MarketSmith reports and lists.


In doing our research, we are screening through many charts trying to gauge factors such as positive earnings, institutional sponsorship, sales, and more. With the vast amount of information available in our database, different layouts can be used for a detailed rundown of information depending on your focus. Please watch our archived webinar “Customizing Your MarketSmith Stock Information Layout,” with Irusha Peiris and Matthew Inouye, to learn more about customizing column layouts in MarketSmith.

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