Navigating the Market

In this week’s webinar, Irusha Peiris and Matthew Inouye sat down to discuss navigating the market. The three critical areas they discussed to help get a feel for the market were:

·         The Market Indices

·         Your Portfolio

·         Leading Stocks

By focusing on the three elements above, you can develop a deeper insight into the overall market condition that will help add conviction when initiating positions, or tell you it’s time to get out. They say that “The market can either scare you out, or wear you out,” which makes it important to keep a positive outlook and to remember that even in a market correction, we are always four days away from a follow-through day and the next potential rally.

As investors, we have all seen the anomaly of a breakout during a market correction. It’s usually a confusing circumstance when you see this type of contradictory action. When the market is not looking good, but XYZ makes a significant price move on good volume, what should you do?

You never want to run through a battlefield just because you think the danger has come to an end; you may want to look around first to make sure it is safe. This is where a pilot position comes into play. A pilot position is a very small buy that is meant to give you a better idea if the market is ready to begin its rally. It’s important to note that initiating a pilot position is not about making money or getting in early, but rather to develop a feel and build your confidence.

To learn more about pilot positions, please watch “Navigating the Market” with Irusha Peiris.

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