Greetings my fellow MarketSmiths!


When I look at Arista Networks (ANET), I see strong CAN SLIM potential here. Current EPS up +90%, and EPS has accelerated for 4 of the last 5 quarters. Sales have also accelerated in the 3 of the last 4 quarters, with the most recent quarter showing a very strong +91%.  Because this issue recently IPO'd, we don't have enough data to see annual EPS growth record, but 2014 estimates are at +58% growth. ROE shows a hearty 88%. Price/volume action shows strong institutional demand with volume drying up in the IPO base. The stock just broke out of said base in strong volume, and the RS line is hitting a new high. The stock sports a healthy Composite rating of 94. Strong consideration is given to profitable IPO's, and ANET shows strong profit and sales growth. We don't have enough data yet to see any fund ownership, but that healthy volume is not just individual investors. Arista sells IT networking infrastructure for enterprise data centers and cloud. This is a new and growing area within enterprise IT. Finally, the market is in an uptrend that appears to be strengthening. I think all the CAN SLIM criteria fit for this issue.