Master the Market July, 2014

Tuesday’s Master the Market webinar with Marketsmith president Scott O’ Neil  reviewed the general market and touched on the distribution day count, patterns being formed, and reversals,  we head into earnings. If you missed it, you can find the archived version here.

Mental fatigue can affect investors in a very negative way. When the market is choppy, investors tend to get emotional and worn out mentally. It’s important to maintain resolve in your routine, and detach yourself from emotional decisions. This is when mistakes can occur. 

“The market direction is everything to us.” –Scott O’Neil

When a stock reverses high in its range and closes strong, it is a sign of institutional support. In a choppy market, you want to look for the leading stocks that show us bullish reversals. An example shown in the webinar was AAPL in 2005 (You can view this chart in MarketSmith by changing the date to 10/13/2005 for the AAPL weekly chart):

We have also just released the MarketSmith Summer Stock Guide. In this newest edition, you will find MarketSmith education tips, and screen results from the IPO Screen, Potential Breakouts, and RS Line New High. You can view a PDF here to learn how to load the criteria for Stock Guide screens directly into your own MarketSmith screener.

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