At MarketSmith, we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of our database. Providing access to all 7,000 stocks and ETFs as well as 8,500 mutual funds is what makes us a premium stock research platform. Keep this in mind when using MarketSmith. Know that the resources, data, and tools are at your fingertips, but it’s up to you as an investor to find them.

Since most investors don’t have time to manually research each stock in the database for winners, the MarketSmith screener was designed to help streamline the process of finding stocks that fit the criteria.

Know what has worked for you in the past. Through your post analysis, recognize what components of CANSLIM have been most successful for you in your investments.

Increase Chances of Finding “The Stock”. We are always looking for the “Michael Jordan” of stocks. Focus on the leaders of the market.

Gain confidence in your research routine and save time. Run your screens weekly alongside other premium reports such as the Growth 250. Look for stocks overlapping different screens and lists. If the same stock keeps popping up in different areas of your research, add it to a watch list.

When creating your screen, a good guideline would be to break down your research into three parts:

1.       Primary criteria

·         This is the main objective of your screen. An example of primary criteria would be RS Line new high.

2.       Secondary Criteria

·         This portion can include several supporting criteria to the main objective. An example of secondary criteria could be Industry Group Strength.

3.       Liquidity Criteria

·          This portion will include your criteria for the liquidity of the stock.

To learn more about building screens in MarketSmith, watch “Building Effective Stocks Screens” by clicking here.

Best Returns,

The MarketSmith Team