Building a Relationship with Your Product Coach


During this week’s webinar, the MarketSmith team held a live Q&A session with our members. Occasionally we like to devote an entire webinar to Q & A, because often we only have time for a few questions at the end of our regular presentations. But webinars are not the only way to enlist the support you have available as a member of MarketSmith. You can always call a product coach directly. It’s one of the best features of your membership.

Your product coach will necessarily avoid recommendations on specific equities, but he can answer any questions you have on analysis features, investing strategy, and the general market. Your coach can also help you build a research routine that fits your schedule and show you how to create screens that fit your investment style.

As a MarketSmith subscriber, you already have a product coach assigned to your account. If you don’t know who your product coach is, call the main line at (800) 424-9033, and we’ll get you connected, so you can start building a relationship. As investors, we are always learning—and sharing the process can make a positive difference in your investing life.

If you didn’t have a chance to participate in “Open Forum: Ask a Product Coach” you can click on the link here.

Best Returns,

The MarketSmith Team


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