Keeping Tabs on Innovation


Growth investors, in particular, are always looking for companies that have a new product with the potential to change the way we live. Growth comes from innovation, and new products and services can create significant new revenue for companies – especially when the new service catches on in the mainstream.  To help you keep track of this type of innovation and how it affects the sales of the companies you trade, check the News tab in the Related Information panel regularly for news articles pertaining to a particular chart.


For example, right now, Apple’s (AAPL) Apple Pay has moved to the forefront of the mobile payment  landscape. Its use appears to be catching on faster than any of its mobile payment predecessors, which is partly because of Apple’s strong brand and the range of payment services available to its users. In addition to near-field communication (NFC) terminals, Apple Pay is accepted at locations that use Mastercard Paypass, Visa Paywave, and American Express ExpressPay terminals.


As with all innovative fields, the mobile payment landscape could—and likely will—change quickly. As active investors, staying knowledgeable about the industries we trade in is part of the job. Let us know how you stay on top of developments in your comments.

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