Change When the Facts Change: Webinar Review


Earlier this week, in our most recent “Stay in Step with the Market” webinar, Scott St. Clair and Irusha Peiris discussed how important it is to be able to shift your mindset as the market trends change.   


As we all know, circumstances can change rapidly for individual stocks and in the general market. Ego can get in the way of making the right decision about selling, or we can simply be blinded by our own conviction in a company’s prospects. Make sure you maintain flexibility, and never argue with the market.


Another topic our team touched on was the importance of being able to ignore the news.


When you are invested in a stock, it’s natural to want to learn more about the company and what recent events may say about its future.  Headlines are written to grab our attention, so it can be difficult to tune out the news and stay focused on how the stock is actually behaving. The market will always tell the truth, and price and volume should remain your primary indicators when gauging the strength of leading stocks and market conditions.


The market makes the news, not the other way around.


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The MarketSmith Team