The MarketSmith team covered post-analysis, the current market, and goal setting for the New Year in this week’s Stay in Step with the Market webinar.

2014 was a choppy year for investors. The NASDAQ 100 finished up 17.38%, while the IBD mutual fund index was up only 2.38% for the year. Meaning even the larger growth mutual fund managers found difficulty in protecting gains in 2014. Looking back, shorter term trading and taking profits before a 20% gain was the approach that the volatile market favored. There were several V-shaped rallies throughout the year:


After your post-analysis, start setting your goals for 2015. It’s important to set unique individual goals that will correlate with your strengths and weaknesses as a trader. Try to stay away from setting a dollar amount, but rather, focus your goals on actions that will make you a better investor. For example, not taking more than a 5% loss on a stock or not buying extended stocks will serve as a more productive goal than simply telling yourself to “make one million dollars in the market this year”.


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