We have heard you loud and clear the past few weeks and we are happy to announce that the Top Stocks 2014: The Stories Behind the Big Winners publication is now available.

We’ve annotated the charts in Top Stocks 2014 to highlight the key criteria we look for in identifying market leaders. Along with marked-up charts, this year’s edition also includes commentary on the left hand side of featured stock charts. These company overviews revisit the story behind the stock and help pinpoint the catalyst for its big move.

In football, championship quarterbacks spend countless hours during the offseason going through their playbooks and understanding what to look for on the field. In investing, we do the same.  Every growth investor should have a collection of past winners on their trading desk. Studying the action of top stocks is one of the most effective ways to better identify leaders in bull markets and navigate volatility or weakness in a bear.

If you would like to order your copy, call us at (800)424-9033 or visit marketsmith.com/topstocks.  


Best returns,


The MarketSmith Team