NASDAQ Comp. New Highs

NASDAQ Advance/Decline

The NASDAQ recently made a new 14 year high and is approaching its all-time high of 5132.50. The next valuable input investors should look for is broad-sector participation with the new market highs.

One way to gauge broad-sector participation is to look at the NASDAQ’s Advance-Decline line. This shows how many stocks are advancing into new high ground as the market advances into new highs. If the Advance-Decline line is making new highs that means the market’s action is being supported by a wide-range of different industry groups, resulting in a risk-on environment (see chart).

An additional input investors should gauge is their current portfolios. If current stock selections are acting right, then adding to positions would be a viable option. However, if current stock selection is underperforming, investors should stay prudent and hold off for imperative feedback from the overall market.

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