Our most recent webinar was developed by you, our members, after our team solicited feedback on the topic most important to you. The number one pick? Developing a trading routine—which, for many investors, naturally involves balancing portfolio management with everyday life.

Our coaches started with keeping a trading journal. By taking notes on your observations and trading actions, you’ll stay in touch with your stops and how much you are up or down on a stock. There’s no one right way to fill out your trading journal, but do find a consistent way of referring to your rules and activity that isn’t too complicated. Printing out a chart and marking up important aspects of your plan is another method you can use to keep track of your positions and plan your trades.

For investors who need to balance trading with their other careers, Irusha went over how to best manage your account while on the clock.

General advice:

Suggested schedule for checking stocks:


Finally, for investors who have other day jobs, it’s best to research stocks on the weekend and set up a game plan you can follow easily during the week. We recommend that you run several screens and reports, such as the MarketSmith G250, and review as many charts as you can. For example, Scott mentioned that he looks through at least 1,000 charts on Saturdays to select the ones he’ll look at during his “check-in” periods throughout the week.

To learn more, you can view our most recent “Stay in Step with the Market” by clicking here.

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