In this week’s webinar, the team went over some of MarketSmith’s best features—ones that you should be using if you aren’t already. The features covered in the webinar include:

·         New Chart Window

·         Flagging the IBD Mutual Fund Index (0MUTI)

·         Customize Column Layout

·         Screening off of a list

·         Alerts


When creating your watchlist or viewing screen results in MarketSmith, there is a default column layout of information in your list panel. Some of these include Current Price, Price % Change, Volume % Change vs. 50 day avg., and several Smart Select ratings. But what if there is a certain column of information that you need to see when browsing your created lists? How about changing the order in which these boxes are shown? You can make those adjustments with Customize Column Layout!


On the bottom right hand corner of your screen (see image), you will find a wrench icon, that when selected, will give you a dropdown menu. Going to Customize Column Layout will allow you to change the column layout of information in your list panel. Click on a category to view the available columns that you can add to your custom template. Click and drag the corresponding column name into your Column Layout Preview in whichever order you would like. Then name and save your custom layout for quick access with other MarketSmith reports and lists.


To learn more about these features in MarketSmith, watch our webinar “The Best Stock Research Tools You Aren't Using.”

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