In this week’s webinar, the MarketSmith team discussed keeping your watchlist fresh. We have always maintained that doing your research on the weekend to have a pool of actionable ideas ready for the upcoming week is key to any successful investing routine.

We recommend screening off of a larger ‘Universe List’ such as the Growth 250,  to narrow down to a ‘Ready List.’ Browsing through a list of stocks by hitting the space bar will allow you to quickly scan a wide number of ideas in search of stocks that are technically setting up to break out. Incorporate the following three steps into your weekend routine:


Step 1: Analyze and determine if a stock is technically buyable, based on chart pattern, base count and volume.


Step 2: Review the fundamentals including ROE, earnings, and sales.

3. Learn the story. Go over to the company’s website to learn about possible growth drivers.


To learn more, watch our webinar “Keeping your Watchlist Fresh” by clicking here.  As always, if you have any questions, you can reach us at (800) 424-9033 or at


Best Returns,


The MarketSmith Team