In this month’s “Stay in Step with the Market” webinar, Coaches Scott St. Clair and Irusha Peiris focused on streamlining your investment routine using MarketSmith. They discussed tried-and-true methods they have implemented into their own weekly routines, including screens they use to quickly scan the database for emerging leadership.

 Scott and Irusha both use the Growth 250 list, which was designed to help save time by homing in on leading growth stocks quickly. The Near Pivot and the RS Line New High lists within Growth 250 further help save time by identifying ideas that may be technically actionable.

 In addition to going through the Growth 250, Scott and Irusha also touched on running broad screens based on the Composite Rating. (If the data on the weekly chart is a report card, the Composite Rating serves as the company’s overall GPA.) The Composite rating takes the other five SmartSelect Ratings, with an emphasis on the EPS and RS ratings, and merges them together into a comprehensive rating.  The ratings range from 1 to 99, with 99 being the strongest. A basic screen on Composite will help you find leading companies, while cutting out a lot of the legwork.

 Even with a simple Composite 97+ screen, you can see how strong the average ratings are (as of last week):

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