This morning, we had a very special “Take on the Market” webinar. Joining Irusha Peiris was Scott O’Neil, President of Marketsmith and veteran portfolio manager and stock analyst.

Scott was quick to point out that it has been a tough year in the market for growth investors. However, since the follow-through day on October 2, 2015, leading growth stocks have been gradually gaining traction.  For those who stayed in tune with the market, there were some gains to be made.

Investors who aren’t paying attention to the market in downtrends, or who are waiting on the sidelines for excessive confirmation, tend to miss significant rallies at the beginning of their advances. It pays to be in the market early (as discussed in a previous webinar on pilot positions) which can only happen if you have a solid feel for the market on the follow-through day.

Many investors were tuned out because they were expecting a more severe correction. Again, more evidence that trying to predict the future is a waste of time. Identify the trend of the market and position yourself to act, when the market gives you the right signals.

Timing is critical to a trend-following, rules-based trading system.

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Best returns,

George Orlando, MarketSmith Team