In this week’s Stay in Step With the Market webinar, the coaches discussed market predictions and the importance of evaluating a stock week by week.

This time of year, especially, “experts” like to make predictions on where the market is headed. These types of headlines are scattered throughout the media to persuade investors that the person or institution making the prediction knows something they don’t. Don’t fall for it. These predictions are simply opinions, and opinions are often proven wrong.  The market, however, has zero opinions. It is always speaking the truth.

When financial markets are your passion, it is difficult to stay away from the noise, but you will be best served by tuning out opinions that undermine  your research and sense of conviction in your buys and sells.

At MarketSmith we focus on the market action, always. We make educated investment decisions based on the truth of supply and demand, as it is represented in the stock chart, and the factual data that make up a company’s fundamentals. This market has been difficult for investors. Few recent breakouts have had sustainable moves. As the year comes to an end, it’s even more important to keep a level head and to stick with your rules.

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George Orlando, MarketSmith Team