In this month’s “Stay in Step with the Market” webinar, Senior Product Coaches Irusha Peiris and Scott St. Clair discussed current market conditions, using the bear market of 1973 as a comparable precedent to lend perspective. Even the famed “Nifty Fifty” stocks of that time could not hold up against an overwhelming correction.

Here at MarketSmith, we embrace corrections. The sweet spot of opportunity in financial markets happens at the beginning of a new bull market—and it takes a meaningful correction to get there. Corrections offer a time to slow down, research the stocks that are holding up the best, have the best growth story, so that when the market resumes an uptrend, we are well prepared to take advantage.

Learn to be flexible and patient. The market can send false signals that bait investors one way or another. Remember that in addition to price action, we also want to be mindful of moves on high volume: the two in concert are a better indication of the significance of a move in the market one way or the other.

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