After increasing in popularity over recent years, ETFs had a record-breaking 2015, with an inflow of $250 billion. In this week’s webinar, Senior Product Coach Scott St. Clair shared the best way to find and track Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in MarketSmith.

Exchange Traded Funds are tradable securities that track an index, commodity, bond, or a basket of stocks. Benefits of an ETF include diversification, liquidity, and generally a lower cost compared with mutual funds. ETFs can also hedge your portfolio by providing long or short exposure.

An easy way to find lists of ETFs is by searching through the MarketSmith community. Simply click on “Browse Lists” within your list manager and enter the type of ETF you’d like to track in the field at the lower left.  Click on the lists that appear at right and select "Track Screen" to save the list to your MarketSmith.


Another way to find ETFs is by using your MarketSmith screener. Select the “General Stock Criteria” category in the screen criteria, and turn on the ETF filter.


Here are some additional screen criteria you may want to include:



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George Orlando, The MarketSmith Team