In this week’s webinar, MarketSmith product coach Irusha Peiris introduced one of our newest features: The Breakaway Gap list. This feature is included in your MarketSmith Premium subscription, and provides another way of finding powerful breakouts that may not be part of the Growth 250 “Breaking Out Today” list.

A gap is an area on a stock chart where no trading has taken place. Gaps occur when there is huge demand for a stock, and they are byproducts of extensive institutional buying. Gaps are important because they can mark a change in sentiment about a stock. Also, a gap up can occur as the result of a new fundamental catalyst, which represents the “N” in CANSLIM.

In particular, a breakaway gap is when a stock gaps out of a period of price consolidation. Breakaway gaps typically occur on huge volume. Here is an example of a breakaway gap from 2005:



You can find the Breakaway Gap list in MarketSmith by going to Reports > Stocks > Technical > Breakaway Gap. Here’s a screenshot of its location within the MarketSmith tool:



You can view our most recent webinar, “Breakaway Gaps,” by clicking here.[link] If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-424-9033 or email us at


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