Thank you, Irusha and Scott for a nice webinar.

Last year was the worse one in my trading history. I had all these great stocks in my watch list, but for some reason I choose the different stocks, which gave me only losses. I always had an explanation for myself why I did not buy or buy any particular stock, but it did not help me this time. I was really suffering every day watching NVDA, ACIA or other winners and was thinking that this is only me, who did n not make any money on them. I was also looking to short NVDA, but after I had a look on DDD after it climax run I  understood, that it is too risky to try to find the real top... Last year I had a few lessons which hopefully will help me in my future trading. The problem is that stock market is always giving you some new situation and it always makes you feel stupid. (at least for me)

Thank you for a nice webinar again!!! Have a nice trading. I am waiting forward to see you again next time.